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About the Club

The Anglia Land Yacht club is located at Bassingbourn Barracks near Royston on the A1198. It is a long-established club with excellent facilities, a club-house, a 2 km racing circuit, and a parking and storage area. The facilities are rented from the Ministry of Defence and we are grateful for their assistance and co-operation at all times.

We run usually on a regular basis throughout the year taster and training sessions approved by the British Federation of Sand and Land Yacht Clubs. These are designed to give newcomers to the sport the option to try out sailing on land and to teach them the skills and confidence to sail competitively and safely on our airfield circuit. The club is open to members and visitors on the majority of Sundays throughout the year with regular sailing and racing taking place.  For beginners and new comers to the sport the club has a number of yachts in different classes that can be hired at a daily rate.

The sport, and therefore the club exists for competitive sailing. This we do at a range of levels both at the club and at other venues across the country, and across the different classes of yacht.



Anglia Land Yacht Club

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