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There are 3 main racing classes in the sport to-day concentrating on smaller and lighter yachts than in the past. These are called Class 3 and Class 5. Both types of yacht use 'lift' generated on the wing shaped sail to travel at between 3 and 5 times the wind speed reaching speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Class 3 yachts are the fastest and most competitive. Most are commercially built with aerofoil 'wing' masts and slim enclosed glass fibre bodies.

Class 5 yachts are smaller, open, and of tubular construction, with pole masts. They are built to rigid specifications either commercially, or for the home builder from approved plans.

Class Standart yachts are manufactured bySeagull Landyachtsin France to a strict specification. The benefits of a ‘one design yacht’ are that pilots of Standarts race on equal terms with other pilots; no-one will arrive at a competition with a newly designed sail capable of beating all other competitors!

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